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Primula Care


Enjoy your primula inside for 2-3 months. Do not let them dry out completely, but be careful not to over water.
The soil needs to be kept moist. Primula will show you when they need water by wilting. A thorough watering should perk them back up in no time.
Pluck the dead flowers off at the base to promote more flowers to be produced.
When they are finished blooming you will need to water less often. Let them get a little drier in between watering.
Plant them outside in May after the threat of frost has passed. They would love a shady area, preferably east facing.
They should bloom again once they have been put out into the garden.
Protect in the winter with mulch and they should come back the following year.

Note: Primula normally do not survive the winters here. Following the above directions will help you provide the best possible chance of survival. However, it does not always prove successful but don’t get discouraged, gardening is an ongoing experiment. Never be afraid to try again next year.

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