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How to Keep Hanging Flower Baskets Looking Great all Season!

Flower baskets and planters always look incredible in the greenhouse but how do you keep them looking that way all summer long? While they live here at Anything Grows, these plants have ideal conditions – loads of light and someone dedicated to the task of watering them the second they need it. Not to mention they’ve been planted in fresh, rich potting medium just moments before they arrived here.


🪴 We buy annual flowers for one thing – blooms. It takes a lot of energy to produce and sustain bloom after bloom, month after month. Potted plants can’t get fresh nutrients unless we provide them so be sure to pick up a water soluble or slow release fertilizer suited to flowering plants. Without enough nutrients, plants won’t bother spending their energy blooming. Refer to the fertilizer package for info on frequency of application. We really like Garden Pro Hanging Basket Fertilizer.

💧 Water is also key! In windy and hot weather these baskets and planters dry out fast. Plants can’t take up nutrients unless there is enough water, so fertilizer and water go hand in hand. Water yours every day if they feel light when you pick them up. Soak them until they’re heavy again. Baskets in shady locations may need a little less water than those in hot sun.

🌞 As far as light goes – it depends on what type of plants are in your arrangements. Most planters and baskets are created for sunny spaces as blooming plants typically like a lot of light. Begonias and fuchsias however might prefer a bit of shade from the afternoon heat.

🍃 If you have baskets hanging on hooks, consider placing them on the ground prior to storms so they can soak up some rainwater but avoid swinging around in the wind. Baskets have been damaged and even cracked open from falling off hooks in storms. Placing them on the ground prior to storms will prevent damage as well as lost blooms.

🌼 One more tip? Make sure you remove the spent blooms. Some plants like petunias re-bloom more readily if the old blooms are clipped off so be sure to do so regularly. To successfully prune your basket, use scissors or pruners and snip the old bloom from the stem, just above any leaves. Pulling the dried petals off isn’t sufficient enough to get the plant to re-bloom.


Keeping your baskets looking great is not too difficult – they just want a nice meal and a big drink of water! Keep them safe from extreme weather events and prune back old blooms to promote new growth. That’s about it! Enjoy your flowers everyone!

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