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Mosquito Management – How to Enjoy your Backyard

Mosquitoes! With all the rain we’ve had lately it’s no wonder we’re experiencing an onslaught of them. How do we deal with mosquito management so we can enjoy the rest of our season? Here are some tips:

mosquito management techniques

Remove standing water

Mosquitoes can breed in as little as an inch of water! Tip out any plant saucers or bird baths and rinse away larvae that might be found there.

Ensure ponds are clear

Mosquito dunks – A product that includes BTI is safe to use in ponds and water features to reduce populations. BTI is a bacteria that specifically targets the larvae of black fly, fungus gnats and mosquito that are found in the water. It’s safe to use around birds, fish, pets, kids and pollinators.

Protect your skin

Mosquito Repellant – It’s advisable to use one and one that includes DEET will be most effective. DEET disrupts their neurons and affects how they navigate so they have trouble landing on you. As with any insect repellant, follow the instructions and usage information carefully and discontinue use if any sensitivities are discovered.

Bring in the Predators!

Increasing bio-diversity is the answer to many pest problems! Mosquitoes might drive us nuts but they’re a tasty snack for birds, bats, dragonflies and spiders! Increasing habitat for these predators on your property is a great way to greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes in your neighbourhood.

Planting alone won’t cut it – but it helps

You may have heard that some plants can repel mosquitoes and it’s true to some extent. Having a marigold on the table won’t be enough however as the element that mosquitoes don’t like is contained in the oils inside the plant. Short of tearing it up and rolling in the debris, it’s not going to do much. Still, having them in pots around your deck, where you might brush up against them releasing the scents of their oils can’t hurt. Plus they’re pretty to look at!

There you go – our best tips for dealing with the incessant pest that is the mosquito. We hope you can get outside and enjoy our summer season despite them!

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