How to ‘Chit’, Plant, and Grow Potatoes

How to Chit Potatoes What does it mean to ‘Chit’ your potatoes? Chitting is a very easy step you can take to give your seed potatoes a leg up for our short growing season. While not absolutely necessary to see success in growing your potatoes, we do recommend it – Here is how you chit […]

Quick Guide: Fertilizer Basics for Indoors and Out

Why do we need to fertilize? Plants growing wild in nature will receive nutrients from the breaking down of organic material in the areas in which they grow. These materials disintegrate over time releasing nutrition back into the soil. When it rains, those components soak into the water and become available for plants to uptake. […]

10 Gorgeous Plants to Grow for Bees and Pollinators!

Looking for Plants to Grow for Bees? Bringing bees, butterflies and other pollinators to our garden strengthens our local eco-systems and is just a down right enjoyable experience later in the season! Watching bees hum around our garden is like receiving a compliment on our work from Mother Nature herself. If you’d like to grow […]

Top 10 Tough Perennials for Alberta Gardens

A backyard garden space can be elevated to the next level with hardy perennials for Alberta and it’s difficult climate. Perennials are plants that come back year after year. While annual flowering baskets and planters can bring instant colour and pizzaz – perennials build structure and interest in the shoulder seasons as well. The two […]

10 Easy houseplants for your jungle

Inspiration for planty homes is everywhere these days but it can be hard to know where to start – especially if you aren’t super confident in your abilities to keep them all alive (you can do it!) So we decided to share this top 10 list. If you’re after a jungle in your living room, […]

Six things to consider when gardening in Alberta

We have a saying here in the greenhouse and that is: “Alberta is one of the most challenging places to grow plants.” We stick by it too because there are so many factors that can impede our progress year round when gardening in Alberta. But who among us isn’t up for a good challenge? Our […]

Choosing a Home for Your New Houseplant

Bringing home a new plant is always a fun and exciting event! But we know that we aren’t alone in standing in our homes with said new plant in our arms, looking for a place to stash it. Where will it go? A little consideration of your space and your plant will mean the both […]

How To: Re-potting your indoor plants

Fall is a fantastic time for re-potting your houseplants – especially if they did a lot of growing over spring and summer! When Do You Know It’s Time to Transplant Plants to a Larger Pot? As your houseplants grow larger, the roots might start to grow through the drainage holes or bind up in the […]

How to Grow and Care for Venus Fly Trap Plants

Venus fly traps are a unique and fun plant to grow. They’re a favourite for kids who are curious about how a plant can be carnivorous! We do get a lot of questions asking how to grow Venus fly traps so we thought it would be ideal to publish a Venus Fly Trap care guide […]

Mosquito Management – How to Enjoy your Backyard

Mosquitoes! With all the rain we’ve had lately it’s no wonder we’re experiencing an onslaught of them. How do we deal with mosquito management so we can enjoy the rest of our season? Here are some tips: Remove standing water Mosquitoes can breed in as little as an inch of water! Tip out any plant […]