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Spring & Summer Outdoor Watering Guide

We get a lot of questions from well-intentioned gardeners down here at the greenhouse –  vivid descriptions of ‘problem plants’, pictures of sad shrubs, and even bags full of fallen flora will often accompany these advice-seekers, and HANDS DOWN, the most common cause of death-and-disease for outdoor plant care is: wait for it… Not. Enough. Water. This is especially true for newly-planted vegetation! Here in Alberta, with our dry climate, consistent winds, and hot summer months, it’s hard to over-water, and easy to under-water our yards. While water is (obviously) crucial to the survival of a plant, proper watering will also:

  • Encourage faster, stronger growth
  • Allow your plants to maximize their own, natural defenses against bug infestations & disease
  • Develop strong root systems that can intake more nutrients
  • Increase winter hardiness

While it’s not rocket science, proper watering can be easily underestimated. Here’s our quick guide to watering your new & established plants appropriately (scroll to bottom for PDF Download):

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