How to Properly Plant Trees & Shrubs

Don’t have time to read all the words? The quick and dirty: Dig the hole no deeper than the root mass and 1.5 – 2 times as wide. Place the plant in the center of the hole. Back fill with amended soil. Add some form of nutrients or fertilizer. Water really well! (You want water […]

Growing Vegetables in Cochrane and Seed Starting Tips

Time to start thinking about what will be growing in our gardens this year. We get a lot of similar questions around different types of seeds, i.e. GMO, organic, heirloom, etc. as well as what grows well here in Alberta. At this point we have received all our seeds for the 2018 gardening season. All […]

3 Ways Plants Could Improve Your Health

Having plants in your home (or office) has great benefits – that’s not news to most of us, but did you know just how beneficial they are?  In 1989 NASA published their Clean Air Study (Wolverton, Johnson, & Bounds, 1989), which they created after it became apparent that enclosed structures contain high amounts of toxic […]

All About Mulch

Mulching Mulching refers to much more than just bark. Mulching means to cover the soil with some kind of material. There are two types of mulch; inorganic and organic. Inorganic mulch includes things like rock, recycled rubber products, geotextile fabric, etc. Organic mulch includes things like shredded bark or bark chips, compost, old leaves, etc, […]

Plants for tough areas in the garden!

Plants for those tough areas in the yard. Plants for Wet Areas [*Will grow in shade] Trees & Shrubs   Ash Birch Chokecherry Dogwood Elm Larch Maple Oak Poplar Willow Perennials   Creeping Jenny* Elephant Ears Globeflower* Goatsbeard* Iris (siberian) Ostrich Fern* Rayflower* Snake Root* Plants for Shade Areas [*Will tolerate full shade] Trees & […]

Dutch Elm Disease Information

Dutch Elm Disease is a serious and deadly fungal disease that can affect any elm tree it comes into contact with. Alberta is currently Dutch Elm Disease free and it is up to the public to help keep it that way. Below is an article release by Agriculture Alberta outlining the disease and how you […]

Weed Control Methods For Your Lawn

Weed & Feed The popular method of weed & feed is no longer available on the market here in Canada. The sale has been banned in Alberta and most of Canada and several other places around the world. This is due to the large applications of herbicide for only a few weeds in the area. […]

Primula Care

Enjoy your primula inside for 2-3 months. Do not let them dry out completely, but be careful not to over water. The soil needs to be kept moist. Primula will show you when they need water by wilting. A thorough watering should perk them back up in no time. Pluck the dead flowers off at […]

When is it time to transplant your indoor tropical plants?

The best time to transplant your tropical plants is in the spring time. This is when they are just starting to produce lots of new growth. This means the roots will be more able to re-establish before the dormant season in the fall. It is still ok to transplant during the growing season as well. […]