Top 10 Tough Perennials for Alberta Gardens

A backyard garden space can be elevated to the next level with hardy perennials for Alberta and it’s difficult climate. Perennials are plants that come back year after year. While annual flowering baskets and planters can bring instant colour and pizzaz – perennials build structure and interest in the shoulder seasons as well. The two […]

Easy Fruit Tree Pollination Guide – Apple, Plum, Cherry and more!

Many fruit trees will self pollinate, or receive cross pollination from neighbourhood bees doing their good work. Those trees will bear fruit even if we do nothing. But if we put a bit of attention towards ensuring our trees have a suitable pollination partner nearby (within 150m) we can increase our yields and often the […]

Growing Peonies: An Easy Care Gardening Guide

About Peony Plants Peonies are iconic garden plants that have been in cultivation since the time of Confucius. There are approximately 33 known species of this favored garden staple! Peonies were originally cultivated for medicinal purposes and for flavouring foods like tea or salads but modern gardeners are growing peonies for their outrageously stunning and […]

How to ‘Chit’, Plant, and Grow Potatoes

How to Chit Potatoes What does it mean to ‘Chit’ your potatoes? Chitting is a very easy step you can take to give your seed potatoes a leg up for our short growing season. While not absolutely necessary to see success in growing your potatoes, we do recommend it – Here is how you chit […]

Your Complete Spring Yard Prep Checklist

 Every spring, there are a few of those early days when the sun peeks out, the air warms up, and the snow melts. Gardeners begin to stir and wrestle with the temptation to get gardening, despite their better judgement – after all, the widely touted “False Spring” is an Albertan specialty! Though the ground may […]

Plant List: Plants Deer Choose Last

Deer – one of the most challenging garden pests to control. While some gardener’s have found success using deterrents like PlantSkydd or Bobbex, those solutions require diligence, and they come with their own downside (um, no one loves the smell). For a more ‘natural’ approach, many gardener’s choose to design their yards with trees and […]

7 Ways to Have a Beautiful, Prairie-Hardy Yard (With Plant List!)

Spring is here, and many of us are hovering over our yards, waiting to see what survived the prairie winter, and what didn’t. Our chinook-y winters and dry summers can make it challenging to have the yard of your dreams, but with the right plants, and a few easy steps, it’s very possible to have […]

Bug Series: How to Deal With Slugs

Let’s be honest, it’s not awesome when you reach down to gently pluck a new leaf from your lettuce plant and you end up with a handful of gooey slug-mush instead. Slugs typically aren’t a gardening-favourite, but these icky molluscs are easy to deal with, and usually not the end of the world. Why They’re […]

Bug Series: How to Deal With Birch Leaf Miner

Ah yes, the enemy of the Birch Tree! These crafty little larvae are originally native to Europe, but migrated to certain parts of Canada sometime in the mid-1900’s. Most entomologists agree that it’s not reasonable to expect the eradication of Birch Leaf Miner here in Canada, but many of our own native species have adapted […]

Plants for Your Shady Spots

It’s a common gardening frustration: “Nothing will grow there!” If you have a north facing yard, an awkward shady corner, or a side-bed that gets almost no sun, you probably know the feeling. You’ve tried plant after plant. Some of them die right away. Some of them show promise for a little while, but eventually […]