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20 Edible Flowers to Grow in Your Garden

Edible flowers can be dried and used as herbal supplement, teas, garnishes and more!


Looking for pretty plants to grow that you can also eat? Check out our list of 20 edible flowers!

1) Calendula

Calendula is an edible herb that resembles a daisy. It provides brilliant yellow colour which can be a great garnish on the plate. It has a slightly bitter, mildly sweet flavour. It also has many therapeutic properties when boiled as a tea!

2) Hibiscus

This stunning tropical flower has a sweet flavour, described as cranberry-like. It is most commonly used to make tea but the colourful petals can be used as a garnish as well!

3) Pansies/ Violas

Known to be one of the most popular edible flowers! Pansies and violas can be eaten fresh in salads and candied in deserts. They have a mild, almost grassy flavour that works well in both sweet and savoury dishes, and with such a wide variation of colours, they are a beautiful way to add colour to your plate!

Pansies can be used as edible garnishes for drinks, desserts and salads


4) Nasturtium

Both the blooms and the leaves of this plant are edible! They have a slightly peppery flavour profile, similar to water cress. Best enjoyed when young, as the older leaves can be bitter.

5) Squash Blossoms

Probably the most versatile on this list; squash blossoms can be stuffed, battered and fried, made into soup, and enjoyed raw! Flavour profile is similar to zucchini.

6) Violet

The flowers, leaves, and stems can all be eaten. Most commonly used as a garnish to salads and baked goods, due to the bright vibrant colour! Violets have also been used medicinally as they have properties that are soothing to the digestive tract.

7) Rose

Leaves, petals, buds, and hips are all edible. Used as a garnish, in teas, and to make aromatic syrups! Be careful of those thorns when you’re harvesting, though!

8) Marigold

The petals of many marigold varieties are edible, and are often added as a colourful garnish to fresh salads. Not all varieties of marigolds are edible, so we recommend checking your seed packs to ensure you have an edible variety!

Marigolds are edible flowers


9) Lavender

These fragrant beauties are commonly used in many recipes! Flowers can be used fresh and dried. Used in many deserts, teas, and syrups to add a lovely floral essence!

10) Chamomile

This common culinary herb is incredible to grow and dry for tea, chamomile can also be used in homebrew beer! The adorable button daisies also add a beautiful touch when used to decorate cakes.

11) Sunflowers

We all know sunflower seeds to be a delicious treat, but did you know you can also consume the petals, sprouts, leaves, and pads? Do a quick internet search for “grilled sunflower head” and you’ll find a plethora of fun recipes!

12) Lilacs

Another fragrant flower that is used mainly in infused syrups, to add a delicious smell to many beverages, and a fun twist to baked goods.

13) Snapdragons

Not known to be particularly tasty, as they can be on the bitter side. Snapdragons are used more to safely add colour to your dish as a garnish.

Snapdragons are edible flowers


14) Elderflower

You can eat the flowers and blooms of the Elderflower plant. The flowers have a unique flavour profile that is described as being fresh, fruity, and slightly floral with hints of pear and lychee. It is commonly used in cocktails!

15) Dandelion

Dandelion leaves, stalks, and buds are all edible, and have many great health properties as well. The taste is described as being “acquired” but thankfully you can boil them into a tea and still get all those good health benefits!

16) Borage

Another culinary herb with both edible leaves and flowers! The blue star-shaped flowers make a beautiful garnish and add a unique mild cucumber flavour.

17) Chive blooms

Another versatile herb with multiple edible parts! Chive blossoms can be used as a garnish, raw, pickled, and even deep-fried! They are described to have a delicate savory taste.

18) Echinacea

Echinacea have many medicinal properties. The leaves, roots and petals are commonly used steeped into teas but are most often dried and made into herbal supplements. Note that not all Echinacea is medicinal, so be sure to check the tag or seed pack!

19) Cornflowers

The delicate and colourful petals of Cornflowers can be pulled off the stem and used to create edible confetti. How fun!

20) Honeysuckle

As their name suggests, these blooms are sweet like honey. You can add edible varieties to salads, or make the sweet blossoms into a floral jelly.

Of course, there are more than the 20 flowers that are edible, but we narrowed it down to our favourites to keep this list manageable. Share in the comments if you have any recipes or favourite edible flowers you use in your dishes!

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