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Quick Guide to Christmas Tree Care

Who doesn’t love the smell of a fresh Christmas Tree in their home for the holiday season? They’re fun to pick out, and make the perfect touch to your Christmas atmosphere… but having dried up pine needles all over your floor and stuck to your beautifully wrapped gifts is less than desirable.

This quick guide outlines the THREE KEY STEPS to ensure your tree stays fresh, keeps it’s needles, and looks great all season long!

  1. Cut about 3/4 inch off of the bottom the tree stump, to expose fresh wood. This opens up the trunk for water intake, allowing your tree to re-hydrate when you put it in water.

  2. Use hot tap water for your first watering. The hot water will help your tree with the thawing process once you bring it inside. The sap will flow more easily, sending moisture right to the tips of the branches and needles. Be sure to get your tree in water while the cut is still fresh (within a few hours), otherwise the fresh cut will begin to seal against water intake.

  3. Keep your tree well watered! Don’t let your tree stand’s water reservoir dry out. Most trees consume about 1 litre of water per day per inch of stem diameter, so be sure to keep an eye on it for the first few days and get a feel for how much water it is taking in. If the tree stand dries out for a period of time, the trunk may begin to seal up on you, preventing future water intake.

PRO TIP: Use KEEPS-IT-GREEN Christmas Tree Preservative to extend the life of your Christmas Tree, and minimize needle drop. 

Download your free Christmas Tree Care Guide for quick reference on your phone! >>>

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