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How to Build Your Own Succulent Box

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Ok, so who can resist a cute little succulent centerpiece? Putting together your own, customized succulent arrangement is super quick and easy to do, plus you get the satisfaction of applying your own creativity to a living decoration for your home. Here’s your quick, 6-Step Guide for building your own succulent box:

Step 1: Prepare Your Materials

Find a spot where you can lay out your materials and spill a little dirt. A layer of newspaper on the kitchen table will do the trick, but you could also find a nice spot on the deck or patio! You’ll want to have the following on hand:

  • The succulents you’ll be planting
  • The pot you’ll be planting them in (shallow pots are great, since succulents have shallow root systems)
  • Well-draining soil for cactus or succulent (Pro-Mix Cactus Soil is our fav)
  • A small watering can or spray bottle
  • Any decorative rock or moss for the surface
  • Gardening gloves (if you don’t want to get your hands dirty!)

You can order your own ready-to-plant succulent kit here, or gather materials at your

Step 2: Prep Your Base

Fill the bottom of your pot with enough soil to set your succulents on top at the right height, and lightly pack it down.

Pro Tip: Once finished, you’ll want to have about half an inch of space from the lip of the pot to the surface of the soil, leaving room for watering. Plan ahead!

Watch the video for a visual on how much soil should go into your base.


Step 3: Plant Your First Succulent

Gently cradle the top of your succulent while you carefully ease the pot from the base (a few gentle squeezes and wiggles of the pot should do it). If your succulent is pretty ‘root bound’, use your fingers to carefully massage the root ball to loosen it up a little bit. Place your succulent where you’d like it in your pot, and pack in the soil around it with a firm, but not intense pressure. If you’re planting your succulent close to a corner or side of the pot, it’s easiest to pack some soil against the side or corner before placing your succulent.

Pro Tip: If your soil is particularly dry, mix in a bit of water from your watering can or spray bottle to moisten it for better packing!


Step 4: Plant the Rest of Your Succulents

Repeat the above step for each of your remaining succulents, using your fingers to pack soil into tight spaces. Don’t worry if you knock any succulent leaves off while you’re planting! Just set them aside for now.

Pro Tip: Use a small pot from one of the succulents you’re planting to scoop and spread soil into narrow or awkward spaces.


Step 5: Water *Lightly*

Drizzle some water lightly around the soil in your pot (use some to rinse of any leaves that gathered dirt during the planting process). Add enough water so that the soil is moistened, but not soggy. Check out the video to see how much water to use (it should have the consistency of a crumbly cake).

Pro Tip: Let your succulents dry out completely in between waterings. If any of the leaves begin to get mushy and yellow/brown, it’s too wet!


Step 6 (Optional): Add a Decorative Top Layer

If desired, use decorative rock or moss to cover the top layer of soil, giving your succulent box a unique look! Sprinkle this top layer gently on the surface and agitate the box slightly to help spread it out evenly.

Pro Tip: Be aware that if you add a top decorative layer, it will take slightly longer for your succulent box to dry out completely in between waterings. The extra top layer prevents as much water from evaporating from the surface of the soil.


BONUS: More Succulents!

Did you accidentally knock off a few succulent leaves in the planting process? No sweat (that’s pretty normal)! Your succulents will be just fine, AND you can make succulent babies! Simply use a leftover pot or dish, place those leftover succulent leaves on some dampened soil, and leave in a sunny spot. Within a week or two, you should see some new sprouts, and you’re ready to plant!


There – easy as pie! Your new succulent box is looking great, and ready for its new home. Find a spot where it gets lots of light (ideally at least 3 hours of direct sun). Succulents are desert plants, so keep in mind that they like sunshine and heat. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, sit back and watch them grow, bloom and multiply!

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