10 Easy houseplants for your jungle

Inspiration for planty homes is everywhere these days but it can be hard to know where to start – especially if you aren’t super confident in your abilities to keep them all alive (you can do it!) So we decided to share this top 10 list. If you’re after a jungle in your living room, […]

Choosing a Home for Your New Houseplant

Bringing home a new plant is always a fun and exciting event! But we know that we aren’t alone in standing in our homes with said new plant in our arms, looking for a place to stash it. Where will it go? A little consideration of your space and your plant will mean the both […]

How to Build Your Own Succulent Box

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Ok, so who can resist a cute little succulent centerpiece? Putting together your own, customized succulent arrangement is super quick and easy to do, plus you get the satisfaction of applying your own creativity to a living decoration for your home. Here’s your quick, 6-Step Guide for building your own succulent box: Step 1: Prepare […]

3 Ways Plants Could Improve Your Health

Having plants in your home (or office) has great benefits – that’s not news to most of us, but did you know just how beneficial they are?  In 1989 NASA published their Clean Air Study (Wolverton, Johnson, & Bounds, 1989), which they created after it became apparent that enclosed structures contain high amounts of toxic […]

When is it time to transplant your indoor tropical plants?

The best time to transplant your tropical plants is in the spring time. This is when they are just starting to produce lots of new growth. This means the roots will be more able to re-establish before the dormant season in the fall. It is still ok to transplant during the growing season as well. […]

How To: Transplanting your indoor tropical plants

Spring is the best time to transplant tropical plants that are in need of an upgrade. The roots will have plenty of time to re-establish themselves before the resting period in the fall. Before transplanting you should find out if your plant needs to be re-potted. See our post on how to know if you […]