What Are Those Three Numbers On Your Fertilizer And How Do They Work?

A selection of fertilizers – which to choose? Why do we need to fertilize? Plants growing wild in nature will receive nutrients from the breaking down of organic material in the areas in which they grow. These materials disintegrate over time releasing nutrition back into the soil. When it rains, those components soak into the […]

Choosing a Home for Your New Houseplant

Bringing home a new plant is always a fun and exciting event! But we know that we aren’t alone in standing in our homes with said new plant in our arms, looking for a place to stash it. Where will it go? A little consideration of your space and your plant will mean the both […]

How To: Re-potting your indoor plants

Fall is a fantastic time for re-potting your houseplants – especially if they did a lot of growing over spring and summer! When Do You Know It’s Time to Transplant Plants to a Larger Pot? As your houseplants grow larger, the roots might start to grow through the drainage holes or bind up in the […]

How to Grow and Care for Venus Fly Trap Plants

Venus fly traps are a unique and fun plant to grow. They’re a favourite for kids who are curious about how a plant can be carnivorous! We do get a lot of questions asking how to grow Venus fly traps so we thought it would be ideal to publish a Venus Fly Trap care guide […]

How to Care for your Staghorn Fern Plant

How to grow, water and mount your staghorn fern Staghorn ferns are incredibly interesting plants as they can range from small sizes to HUGE specimens growing in the wild on the sides of trees. Staghorn ferns, also known as Platycerium bifurcatum, grow long and stately foliage in a unique form that looks like no other […]