Annual Seed Start Dates

Note: The dates listed on the chart for recommended transplant out dates are just a guideline. The Spring here can sometimes throw a curveball your way. Make sure to check the weather and ensure the varieties you are growing can handle excessively cold conditions.

Most plants started indoors need hardening off, even hardy ones. They are used to the controlled conditions indoors and need to be acclimatized to the conditions outdoors.

    Hardening Off:
  • As the weather gets nicer start putting the plants outside during the day and bringing them in at night.
  • After about 2 weeks the plants should be hardened off, start this process about 2 weeks before the plant out times, weather permitting of course.
  • Some young plants are tender to frost and near frost conditions and need to be brought in at night, sometimes this weather will last into June.
Common NameBotanical NameIndoor Start DateGermination TimeTransplant Outside
African DaisyDimorphotheca sinuatamid May3-4 weeksearly June
AgeratumAgeratum houstonianumlate February1-2 weeksearly June
AllysumLobularia maritimamid-late March1 weekmid-late May
AmaranthusAmaranthuslate February1-2 weeksafter last frost
Angel's TrumpetDatura metalmid March3-8 weeksmid May
AsterCallistephusearly March1-2 weeksearly June
Baby Blue EyesNemophila menziesiiearly May1-2 weeksmid May
Baby's BreathGypsophila elegansearly May1-2 weeksmid May
Bachelor's ButtonCentaurea cyanusearly May1-2 weeksmid May
BegoniaBegoniamid January3-5 weeksafter last frost
Black Eyed Susan VineThunbergia alataearly February2 weeksafter last frost
Blanket FlowerGaillardiaearly March2-3 weeksearly June
BrachyscomeBrachyscomemid-late March2-3 weeksmid June
Butterfly FlowerSchizanthus pinnatusearly March2-3 weeksearly June
Canterbury BellsCampanulaoutside mid-late May2 weeksseed outside
CalendulaCalendula officinalismid-late March1-2 weeksmid May
California PoppyEschscholzia californicaoutside early May or inside mid April1-3 weeksseed outside or mid-late May
CandytuftIberis umbellataearly April1-2 weeksmid May
Canary Bird VineTropaeolum peregrinumearly May1-2 weeksearly June
CarnationDianthusearly-mid March1-2 weekslate May-early June
CelosiaCelosia cristamid March1-2 weekslate May
Chinese LanternAbutilonmid February3-4 weekslate May
ClarkiaClarkia unguiulataoutside mid May1-2 weeksseed outside
ColeusColeusmid March1-2 weeksearly June
ColumbineAquilegiaearly March3-4 weeksafter last frost
CosmosCosmos bipinnatusmid April1-2 weeksearly June
DahliaDahliamid March1-2 weekslate May
Dusty MillerCentaurea cinerariamid-late March1-2 weeksearly June
Common NameBotanical NameIndoor Start DateGermination TimeTransplant Outside
Evening Scented StockMatthiola longipetalaearly-mid April1-2 weeksearly June
Four O'ClockMirabilis jalapaearly-mid April1-2 weeksearly June
FoxgloveDigitalis purpureaearly March1-2 weeksearly June
FushiaFushiaearly February2-3 weeksmid June
GazaniaGazaniamid February2-3 weeksafter last frost
GeraniumPelargonium x hortorumearly February2-3 weeksearly June
Globe AmaranthGomphrenaearly-mid April2-3 weeksearly June
GodetiaClarkia amoenaearly-mid April1-2 weeksmid May
GourdLagenariaearly April1 weeklate May-early June
HeliotropeHeliotropium arborescensearly-mid February1-2 weeksmid June
HollyhockAlcea roseaearly May2-3 weekslate May-early June
ImpatiensImpatiens walleranaearly-mid March2-3 weeksearly June
Kenilworth IvyCymbalaria muralisearly-mid April1-2 weeksearly June
LavateraLavatera trimestrisearly-mid April2-3 weeksmid May
Livingstone DaisyMesembryanthemummid March2-3 weeksearly June
LobeliaLobelia erinusmid February2-3 weeksearly June
MarigoldTagetesearly-mid April1 weekmid May
Morning GloryIpomoeamid-late April1-2 weeksearly June
NasturiumTropaeolum majusmid April1-2 weeksmid May
NemesiaNemesiamid March1-2 weeksmid June
NicotianaNicotiana alatamid March-early April2-3 weeksearly June
Ornamental KaleBrassica oleracea acephalamid Jan-mid March1-2 weeksmid May
Common NameBotanical NameIndoor Start DateGermination TimeTransplant Outside
PansyViola x wittrockianamid-early March2-3 weeksmid May
PetuniaPetuniamid March1-2 weeksearly June
Phlox (annual)Phlox drummondiimid-late April1-2 weeksearly June
PoppyPapaver somniferummid March-early April1 weekearly June
PortulacaPortulaca grandifloramid March1-2 weeksearly June
Potato VineSolanum jasminoidesearly May1 weekearly June
SalpiglossisSalpiglossis sinuatamid March2-3 weeksmid June
SalviaSalvia splendensearly March1-2 weeksearly June
ScabiosaScabiosamid March1-2 weeksmid May
Shasta DaisyLeucanthemum x superbumearly-mid March2-3 weeksearly June
SnapdragonAntirrhinum majusmid February-early March1-2 weeksmid May
StaticeLimonium sinuatummid-late March2-3 weeksearly June
Stockearly March1-2 weeksmid June
StrawflowerHelichrysum bractaetumearly-mid March1-2 weeksearly June
SunflowerHelianthus annuusmid-late April1-2 weeksearly June
Swan River DaisyBrachyscome iberidifoliamid-late April2-3 weeksearly June
Sweet peaLathyrus odoratusmid-late April2-3 weeksmid May
VerbenaVerbenamid-late February2-3 weeksearly June
ViolaViolamid-late March1-2 weeksmid May
ZinniaZinnia elegansearly May1-2 weeksmid May

Remember this is just a guidline, seeds may take longer to germinate or grow and this can vary based on what kind of conditions each seed is grown in. See us in store and we will do our best to answer all of your questions.

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